Another night of elegance at The Search Premiere for the 67th Cannes Film Festival


It was another fashion filled night at the very glamourous Search Premiere which took place yesterday as part of the 67th Cannes Film Festival.

Fashionista’s and celebs looked simply stunning as they took to the red carpet and of course we have all the pictures.  From our perspective, our favourite look of the night had to be from the very beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whitely.  On the reverse, our least favourite look goes to Sharon Stone. Check out the images let us know what you think.

Our least favourite look of the night. Sharon Stone.


article-2635667-1E13E82B00000578-39_634x885 article-0-1E13C1DD00000578-408_306x728 article-0-1E13DD2400000578-244_634x1026 article-0-1E13F8A900000578-332_634x1042 article-0-1E140E9200000578-382_306x728 article-0-1E15203200000578-357_634x912 article-2635360-1E13DD6C00000578-655_634x418  article-2635360-1E13EE9D00000578-786_306x811 article-2635360-1E13F11C00000578-450_634x917 What was your favourite look of the night?


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