3 of our favourite low budget lippy’s reviewed


Here at Fashion2Model we love trying out the latest beauty products so that we can let you know which ones to buy within your budget.  This week, we’ve been trying out some new on-trend shades of Lipsticks, all for less that €3 – Can it be done, yes it can!

First up, (Far left) we have a lipstick from Essence. As you may have noticed, berry coloured lipsticks are so hot right now and we think this one packs a serious punch for its price. I purchased mine for just €1.99 and I have to say I’m impressed.  The colour is amazing and really pairs well with pinky/purple toned eye shadows.

(Essence, wear Berries 09) www.essence.eu

Next up, and sticking with the purply’ pinks, we tried this shocking pink lipstick from Lasting Colour. (Middle Lipstick) Colour wise, it is very similar to the popular vibrant pink we all love from Mac, price wise, it’s a steal at under three euro. Coat with a transparent gloss to finish the look and we think you’ll be impressed.

(Collection Cosmetics, Bubblegum, 6) www.collectioncosmetics.com

Finally, we wanted to go for a nuder colour and went for this peachy colour lippy from Kiko (Far Right.) Again, priced under three euro you can’t go wrong.  It’s looks amazing and really compliments a nude look.  The only thing about this lippy that we’d change is it’s longevity, we wished it stayed on for longer, (as you can see, i’ve worn mine down) however, for this price, we’ll simply keep applying.

(Kiko, 906) http://www.kikocosmetics.com/


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